Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature

Recent Legislative Initiatives

The Brook Stagles Child Protective Services Staffing Act

It is no secret that the staff at Child Protective Services (CPS) is severely overworked. Caseloads are well above the recommended levels and this puts our kids at risk. Legislator Justin Wilcox authored this bill to give our hardworking CPS case workers additional resources and staff to ensure that cases are resolved in a timely and appropriate manner. Read more here.

Charter Amendment Package

An attempt to add many amendments that reflect the Democratic Caucus and its reform agenda, focused on transparency, ethics and anti-corruption and cronyism efforts, to the County Charter following its latest review.  The review process was fraught with irregularities, including limited community and Minority Caucus involvement.  Read more here.

Publicly-Accessible Breastfeeding Rooms

Minority Leader Carrie M. Andrews has sought to increase access to private, sanitary spaces for breastfeeding mothers by requiring Monroe County-owned or operated spaces to include a breastfeeding room. Breastfeeding has enormous proven health benefits for both mothers and children, and insurance companies spend up to $3.6 billion each year treating ailments that could be alleviated through breastfeeding.  Read more here.

Sex Offender Residency Restrictions and Study

Legislator Justin Wilcox introduced a pair of bills adding new residency restrictions for sex offenders, creating buffer zones around schools, daycare facilities and parks, and seeking a study of how offenders released into the community are monitored and whether appropriate staffing and resources were being dedicated to this task.  Read more here.

Green Development Incentives

Legislator Joe Morelle sought to add additional incentives for home and business owners who incorporated internationally-recognized green energy standards when improving older structures.  Read more here.

Increasing Opportunities for Minority and Women-owned Businesses (MWBEs)

Legislator John Lightfoot introduced legislation to increase the county's targets for involving minority and women owned businesses in public projects.  Read more here.

"Revolving Door" Reforms

Legislator Cindy Kaleh has sought to add a two-year cooling-off period where those employed by the county cannot work for LDCs or their contractors or subcontractors, in an effort to restore public trust in county government and reduce the potential for cronyism and deals that reward connected political insiders.  Read more here.

485b Mandate Reform

Legislator Paul Haney has proposed reforming the 485b mandate, a blanket tax exemption imposed by New York State that costs Monroe County about three quarters of a million dollars a year in lost revenue, into a tool that could be used for targeted economic development in problem areas of the county, modeled on similar reforms introduced by the Town of Greece.  Read more here.