Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature


The Democratic Caucus often exercises its statutory oversight powers to seek information from the county administration and county agencies on a variety of issues of deep concern to local residents, from how taxpayer money is being spent to the availability to the public of records and information. The letters below represent only a small sample of the unanswered requests for information sent out by the Democratic Caucus in recent years.  Unfortunately, the County administration frequently fails to provide requested information or even respond to Caucus requests, in violation of the county's own charter.


August 28 - To the County Executive from Legislator Kaleh regarding racist artwork displayed on a historic county-owned carousel
July 8 - To the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services regarding delays in childcare subsidy payments to small business owners
June 9 - To the interim Commissioner of Health regarding the county's efforts to combat heroin addiction
May 22 - To the Assistant County Executive regarding an overdue report on the county's contracting with minority and women-owned business enterprises
March 24 - To the Assistant County Executive regarding totals paid to former A.G. Dennis Vacco for his services investigating LDCs.


July 9 - To the County Attorney regarding conflicts between the county's cyberbullying law and recent court decisions
April 30 - To the Records Officer of the UTC LDC regarding the cancellation of contracts with Navitech Services Corporation
April 8 - To County Executive Maggie Brooks regarding the county's takeover of LDC contracts formerly held by Navitech
March 18 - To County Executive Maggie Brooks in response to a demand for a FOIL request before providing information
January 6 - To the Chairman of the Agenda/Charter Committee regarding a delayed response to proposed legislation about tax credits for green building improvements


November 19 - To the County Attorney regarding Dennis Vacco's contract with Monroe County
November 15 - To former Attorney General and Special Counsel Dennis Vacco regarding his investigation of LDCs
September 26 - To the Assistant County Executive regarding county golf course management
August 2 - To the Assistant County Executive regarding Dennis Vacco's contract for legal services
June 3 - To County Executive Maggie Brooks regarding flying rainbow flags for Pride Week
April 3 - To the Clerk of the Legislature regarding providing the meetings of the legislature on DVD to local public access stations