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Democrats Introduce Legislation to Rescind Sheriff's Pay Raise

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Rochester, New York – February 23, 2012.  Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature have introduced legislation that would rescind a pay raise granted to the Sheriff on a party line vote during the late night hours of last December’s Legislature meeting.

The proposal, sponsored by Legislator Michael Patterson (D-Rochester), would restore the Sheriff pay to $123,030. If the Democratic proposal doesn’t pass, the Sheriff could see his pay rise to $174,000 by 2014.

“The Sheriff is an elected official and his previous pay of $123,030 was already the highest pay of any Sheriff in Upstate NY, higher than the pay of the Sheriffs in Buffalo and Syracuse.  The notion that any politician in this time of limited public resources would get a raise is outrageous. Families are struggling to make ends meet and he gets a raise and funds it by cutting a staff position?  What responsible public official does that?  We must not frivolously spend taxpayer dollars in this way. My proposal will restore a sense of fiscal discipline to the Sheriff’s salary while also saving public resources. I certainly hope my colleagues on the other side of the aisle will join us in being fiscally responsible,” Legislator Patterson said.

“When this pay raise was authorized, the magnitude of the dollar amount was not apparent. Now that we know exactly how much is at stake, I would certainly expect our Republican colleagues to give this proposal serious consideration,” said Democratic Minority Leader Ted O’Brien.

The proposal will be voted on during the meeting of the Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, February 29, at 6:00pm. The public will have an opportunity to speak offer comments about the pay raise at the beginning of the meeting.