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Legislation Proposed to Eliminate Publicly Funded Ads

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Rochester, New York – August 13, 2012.  Deputy Democratic Leader Josh Bauroth has introduced legislation that would prohibit the expenditure of public funds to pay for advertisements that feature the name, image or likeness of a Monroe County Elected Official. The prohibition would also apply to entities contracting with the County, such as the Monroe County Sports Commission and the Airport Authority.

“This legislation is a common sense step towards ensuring that taxpayer dollars are being appropriately spent. The taxpayers of this County—with the highest property taxes in the nation—should not be subsidizing advertisements featuring local elected officials,” Bauroth said.

Currently, there are numerous advertisements featuring elected county officials all around the community, including at the Airport, Zoo, MCC Sports Centre, and many other locations. Although the county typically does not directly pay for these advertisements, they have historically used contracted entities to do the advertising for them. This proposed law would put an end to that practice.

The proposal has been submitted to Legislature President Jeff Adair, who should assign it to a legislative committee by Tuesday, August 14.