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GOP Squashes Bill to Prohibit Publicly Funded Ads

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Rochester, New York – August 20, 2012.  Republicans in the County Legislature this evening killed a bill that would have prohibited County elected officials from appearing in publicly funded advertisements. The Legislature’s Agenda/Charter Committee voted along party lines to defeat the bill 3-2.

Sponsored by Deputy Democratic Leader Josh Bauroth, the bill would have also applied restrictions to publicly funded advertisements sponsored by entities related to the County such as the Airport Authority.

“While unsurprising, tonight’s vote is disappointing. I had hoped my colleagues on the other side would have seen the merit in this proposal, but instead they chose to continue with the status quo,” Bauroth said.

Although Republicans tried to claim that some of the advertisements were provided at no cost by local authorities like the Airport, Democrats assert that there is still a value to the ads and in the end that value is accruing to the elected officials who appear in the ads.