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Democrats: Audit Findings Point to Apparent Illegal Conspiracy

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Rochester, New York – September 5, 2012.  Democrats today called for a criminal investigation in the aftermath of a scathing state Comptroller audit that appear to show that there existed a conspiracy to prevent competitive bidding, a criminal offense, in the doling out of a $220 million county contract.

In the draft audit released last week by the Brooks Administration, the NYS Comptroller alleged that someone provided Navitech, the eventual winning bidder on the $220 million contract, with inside information three months before a Request for Proposals was publicly released. Navitech has significant ties to Maggie Brooks, as their Chief Operating Officer Steve Gleason was Monroe County’s Chief Financial Officer for several years.

“The allegations contained in this audit provide alarming details of a potential conspiracy to prevent competitive bidding, a serious criminal offense. Today I am calling on the Attorney General and District Attorney to review the claims in this audit to determine whether any violations of law occurred,” Legislator Paul Haney (D-Rochester, Brighton) said.

Legislator Haney has sent a letter to the Attorney General and District Attorney asking that they investigate, among other things, potential violations of section 103 of the General Municipal Law, which prohibits conspiracies to prevent competitive bidding.

“When you’re talking about a quarter billion dollar contract, it is imperative that everything be on the up-and-up,” Legislator Justin Wilcox (D-Brighton) said. “The allegations contained in this audit are deeply troubling, but it’s even more troubling that Maggie Brooks apparently sees these findings as nothing more than a ‘difference of opinions.’ To me, that willful blindness is almost as dangerous to our county as the original corruption that led to the audit.”

Other findings from the audit include: the county will pay $20 million more than the value of the services provided under the M3S contract; the County will pay Steve Gleason and his partners more than $30 million in management fees over the 20 year contract; and, vendor discounts of almost $13 million using the county’s purchasing power will also accrue to the benefit of Gleason and his partners, not taxpayers.