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Democrats Applaud NY SAFE Act Passage

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Rochester, New York – January 15, 2013.  Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature today applauded the State Senate and Assembly on the passage of Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act to increase restrictions on deadly assault weapons and to increase penalties on those that murder first responders.

Democratic Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) said, “The passage of the SAFE Act will immediately help address the complex issues surrounding gun violence. By banning assault weapons and restricting access to high capacity magazines, this law will provide meaningful new tools to law enforcement to make senseless tragedies less likely to occur. While there are certainly many responsible, law-abiding gun owners, it seems clear that weapons whose sole purpose is to kill numerous people in an extremely short time have no place in civilized society.”

Assistant Democratic Leader Willie Joe Lightfoot (D-Rochester) said, “As a first responder, I think it is critically important that the SAFE Act included the so-called Webster provision, which will increase penalties for those who murder first responders. When rushing to a fire or accident scene, the last thing these folks need to worry about is some gunman ambushing them when they arrive. I truly hope that this law will serve as a deterrent to prevent those situations from coming up in the future.”