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County Tax Bills Show Significant Increase Over Brooks' Term

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Rochester, New York – January 23, 2013.  According to an analysis of property tax bills by Democrats in the County Legislature, some suburban Monroe County taxpayers have seen the County portion of their annual property tax bill increase by as much as 43% in the past six years and as much as 6% in 2013 alone. The analysis, comprised of data from actual tax bills, shows that despite the County Executive’s rhetoric about a flat tax rate, taxes are increasing—in some cases dramatically. These increases are compounded by the snow tax which was passed by County Republicans last year. Total County taxes in 15 of the 21 localities in the County rose by more than 2% in 2013 despite the State cap on property taxes.

Democratic Legislator Paul Haney (D-Rochester) said, “This analysis shows what we’ve been saying all along: people are paying more in county property taxes. Despite the empty rhetoric from the County Executive’s Office about a stable tax rate, we now know for certain that virtually all county taxpayers have been hit harder in 2013 than they were in 2012. It’s time for this administration to face the reality that in order to solve our long-term budget problems we need to have a straightforward and candid discussion. Unfortunately, that can’t happen if they continue to bury their heads (and their tax increases) in the sand.”

Democratic Leader Carrie M. Andrews (D-Rochester) said, “Increasing the cost of living for County residents while claiming that taxes are flat is just another example of how out of touch the administration is. As people struggle to make their household budgets balance, they look for true leadership out of their elected officials, not empty words and fiscal gimmicks. It’s time that we all come to the table and work on these issues before it is too late.”

For the purposes of this analysis, a property’s annual county tax bill consists of the base County tax plus the County Services to Localities levy, while subtracting any sales tax credit. 

To schedule an interview with Legislator Haney regarding this information, please contact Joe Rittler at 753-1910 or 409-1894.