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Democrats Demand Answers About Taxpayer Funded Attorney Contract

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Rochester, New York November 1, 2013. Democrats in the County Legislature have sent the County Executive a request for information related to a taxpayer funded contract with an attorney. Democrats previously asked for some of this information on August 2, but were never provided with it.

Democrats have reiterated their request for an explanation as to why the County hired former Republican Attorney General Dennis Vacco, especially in light of the fact that there is already a fully staffed Law Department, a County Attorney and a Special Counsel to the County Executive on the public payroll. Democrats also reiterated their request for a narrative explanation of the scope of work to be performed by Mr. Vacco or his firm.

In addition, Democrats have asked for, among other things, an explanation of who has an attorney client relationship with Mr. Vacco or his firm, how much time Mr. Vacco or his firm has accrued or been paid for thus far and whether Mr. Vacco or his firm will be representing any County Officer or Employee in criminal proceedings resulting from the investigations.

“This is very basic information that should be open to public scrutiny,” Democratic Leader Carrie Andrews said. “The services provided by Mr. Vacco and his firm are being paid for with public dollars. There is absolutely no reason why our requests for information should be ignored.”

“In the interest of advancing transparency, we hope the County Executive will comply with these requests. While it is disappointing that our letter from three months ago was largely ignored, we will not let that discourage us from continuing to seek answers to these important questions on behalf of the taxpayers of our county,” Andrews added.

Democrats offered Republican Legislators an opportunity to support this request for information, but all of them declined. Please find the letter attached.