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Democrats Propose Series of Eight Sweeping LDC Reforms

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Rochester, New York — November 12, 2013.  Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature unveiled a proposal to enact a series of eight sweeping reforms to Local Development Corporations created for the benefit of the county. Democrats have asked Legislature President Jeff Adair to accept the proposal for a vote tonight to set a public hearing on the bill on December 10.

“We simply cannot allow these entities to continue having unfettered control over our vital public safety communications infrastructure without enacting serious reforms,” Democratic Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) said. “These reforms are a meaningful first step toward ensuring that our vital public safety systems are protected and subjected to the appropriate level of accountability and transparency.”

The eight reforms include requiring:

  • Legislative consent before any LDC contract is assigned to a new vendor.
  • Legislative confirmation of all LDC board appointments.
  • Two legislative appointments to each LDC board.
  • That LDCs be subject to competitive procurement laws.
  • Legislative approval of LDC budgets.
  • Legislative approval of any amendments to contracts between LDCs & the county
  • The filing of all LDC contracts and subcontracts with the Clerk of the Legislature, including a statement detailing the principal officers of the entities receiving contracts
  • The filing of quarterly and annual financial statements with the Clerk of the Legislature.

“We must do everything within our power to ensure due diligence is performed and that there is adequate oversight of these contracts,” Democratic Legislator Paul Haney (D-Rochester), the sponsor of the proposal, said. “We’ve been proposing some of these reforms for many years. Each time, our colleagues have blocked them. We hope that they now understand the seriousness of our concerns and work with us to increase oversight of these significant contracts.”