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Democrats: Brooks Must Not Oversee Internal Investigation

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Rochester, New York — November 7, 2013.  County Legislature Minority Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) offered the following statement in relation to criminal charges unveiled yesterday as well as the County Executive’s press conference last evening:

“If the County Executive truly cares about taxpayers, she must recuse herself from the internal investigation of corruption involving LDCs and turn everything over to the County Legislature. Something has clearly gone terribly wrong in this government and it is obvious that the Executive can no longer oversee—or have any involvement in—this internal investigation.

“For this internal review to have any credibility, the Legislature needs to step in. I understand she doesn’t want to discuss the situation with her husband, but he is involved. This is not a personal matter involving a personal incident. This is a public corruption investigation into the County government overseen by the Executive and her husband is alleged by a grand jury to be involved.

“Twenty-four Monroe County residents decided that there is enough evidence to indict her husband on felony bid-rigging charges stemming from his involvement in a scheme to defraud county taxpayers. This presents a clear conflict of interest.

“We have tried repeatedly over the past six years to oversee these contracts, but our colleagues have repeatedly said no. It’s time for the Legislature to take over the internal review.”