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Democrats Outline Plan to Approve Children's Detention Center Funding

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Rochester, New York — December 23, 2013.  Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature this morning sent the County Executive a letter outlining a path forward to successfully approve funding for the Children’s Detention Center (CDC) and forestall any delay with the CityGate project. In the letter, Democrats requested that Brooks call for a meeting of the Planning Board as soon as possible so they can amend the 2013 Capital Budget to include the CDC funding. After the planning board approves that amendment, the Legislature can hold a meeting to approve the financing and the project can move forward.

Democrats offered an amendment during last Friday morning’s special Legislature meeting to do include the CDC in the 2013 Capital Budget, but Republicans blocked the move saying it required the approval of the Planning Board first. On December 18, at the request of the County Executive, the Planning Board held a special meeting to include the CDC in the 2014 Capital Budget. The resolution to provide financing for the project was tabled by Republican Legislators.

“Just last week the Planning Board held a special meeting to approve the County Executive’s request,” Democratic Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) said. “We are simply asking them to meet again and include the project in this year’s Capital Budget, which is entirely appropriate because the County has incurred expenses this year for the rehabilitation of the facility at the Industry site.”

Once the Planning Board approves the amendment, the County Legislature would be able to hold a special meeting. If the project is included in the 2013 Capital Budget, Democrats have pledged their support to get it passed.

“Today we have offered a simple path forward to approve funding for this project while protecting taxpayers and creating jobs with the CityGate project. As we saw last week, Republicans have no problem acting rapidly, so unless there are other reasons they don’t want this project approved, we would expect them to accept this offer so we can move these projects forward,” Andrews added.