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New York State to Complete Work on new County Children's Detention Center Location

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Rochester, New York — December 30, 2013.  The Regional Director for Empire State Development today informed Monroe County officials that the new location for the Children’s Detention Center (CDC) will be ready to receive children on or before January 10, 2014, which will allow the CityGate project to proceed as planned.

 Democrats received a copy of the letter and are releasing it to ensure the public knows that the CityGate project will be able to proceed as planned, if the County allows the children to move when the new location on the Industry juvenile justice residential campus is ready. The recent dispute about approving bond resolutions for the County’s Capital Budget has no impact on fact that the children housed at the current CDC location can be moved to the new location in as little as two weeks. Having the children moved to a new location is the primary hurdle for the CityGate project.

“We are pleased that New York State has offered viable paths forward to complete the CityGate project and ensure the children in our care are housed appropriately,” Democratic Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) said. “It is incumbent upon the Brooks administration to make certain that the children are relocated on or before January 10. Our community needs these jobs and the children deserve a safe new location to reside. Needless brinksmanship at the expense of children and economic development is not in the interest of the citizens of our county.”

Please find the letter attached.