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Democrats Propose Banning Guns from County Office Buildings

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Rochester, New York – February 11, 2013.  Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature have proposed legislation that would prohibit the public from bringing a gun into the County Office Building or any other County owned or leased properties. The County’s current policy allows legislators or persons with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons into County owned or leased properties. The Democratic legislation would change the current policy by eliminating an exemption that allows concealed carry permit holders to bring their weapons into County buildings.

Democratic Leader Carrie M. Andrews (D-Rochester), the sponsor of the legislation, said, “Given the prevalence of gun violence in our country today, it is unreasonable that people can walk into a government building with a gun. Certainly even responsible gun owners understand why guns are not permitted in federal buildings, courthouses, and other municipal properties; it should be no different for County buildings.”

Legislator Glenn Gamble (D-Rochester), a cosponsor of the legislation, said, “There really is no need to bring a gun into the County Office Building. We have armed deputies here who are authorized and trained to protect both our employees and the public; we don’t need extra guns floating around.”

The legislation exempts law enforcement personal from the prohibition. The proposal is now being considered by Legislature President Jeff Adair who will assign it to a committee. The proposal would then be up for a final vote at the April 9, 2013 Legislature meeting.