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Democrats Respond to Gun Resolution & Blocking Bonds

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Rochester, New York – March 13, 2013.  In response to the resolution put forth by Monroe County Republicans against the SAFE Act, Democratic Minority Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) offers the following statement:

“Democrats in the County Legislature have long believed that there needs to be more bipartisanship in the operations of this government. Last night, we saw speaker after speaker demand that their representatives take a vote to show where they stand on gun rights. We, too, believe that votes on this issue should be taken, and that’s why we made a motion to hold a vote on our proposal to ban guns from county owned buildings. We did not believe this measure would pass, but we did feel strongly that there should be a vote so that all citizens would know where their representatives stand. It would have been better than being given a letter at 4:30pm and told we had until midnight to sign it.

“For many years, our caucus has attempted to build goodwill with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle by largely supporting the legislation and bonding resolutions they offer—even though they have historically not supported proposals from our side. This pattern cannot continue. If the Majority is unwilling to allow our proposals to be voted on or support even mundane Democratic proposals, we may have no choice but to exercise our power to prevent borrowing funding through bond resolutions, which requires a two-thirds majority vote to pass.

“We sincerely wish to work together in a bipartisan way to advocate for all constituents of this county and advance all good ideas that benefit our community-- not just Republican ideas. But working together is a two way street.”