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GOP Votes Against Reforming Elected Official Salary Increase Process

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Rochester, New York – March 27, 2012.  Republicans in the Monroe County Legislature Monday night voted against two proposals that would have reformed the process in which elected officials are provided pay hikes. The reform proposals would have required that the public receive notice of any pay raise before it is passed and that a compensation committee approve the pay raise before it is submitted to the legislature.

Democratic Legislator Michael Patterson (D-Rochester), the sponsor of the public Compensation Committee legislation, said, “Our Republican colleagues voted against two good government proposals last night.  I find these votes baffling.  It is as though they have made a commitment to maintaining opportunities for legislative abuse of power at the expense of the taxpayers. What does the Republican majority stand for?  What kind of Republicans are these?" 

Democratic Legislator Josh Bauroth (D-Rochester), the sponsor of the public notice legislation, said, “Clearly there is no legitimate reason why the public should not be notified before this legislature votes on a pay raise for elected officials. I am saddened that our Republican colleagues failed to support accountability and transparency in Monroe County." 

These proposals are in response to a last minute pay raise given to the Sheriff by Republicans in the Legislature last December. The Sheriff’s salary will increase to $160,000 April 1st, 2012, with the early passage of the State Budget. There is no identified source of revenue to pay for the Sheriff’s raise, so it remains unclear where that funding will come from.

Please find the proposals attached.