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Democrats Save Taxpayers on Unneeded Borrowing Costs, Blast GOP for Playing Politics

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Rochester, New York – May 21, 2013.  In response to statements this morning by County Executive Maggie Brooks, Democratic Leader Carrie M. Andrews offered the following statement:

“From day one we have said that these projects could proceed without any additional borrowing. The legislature has already approved $6.1 million for these two projects, more than enough to bring them to completion. We are pleased that we have saved taxpayers money by preventing this needless borrowing.

“Nonetheless, we are deeply troubled that the County Executive has characterized raising awareness of infant mortality as a ‘political favor’ to the Democrats. The infant mortality rate in parts of our county is worse than in some third world countries; clearly, this is an issue that needs more attention. In blocking the additional bonding for these two projects, we hoped to spur a discussion with our colleagues across the aisle about how we can address the infant mortality problem we face, but it appears no one in this Republican Majority or Administration wants to get to work to tackle this difficult issue.

 “Our community deserves a government that is willing to work together in good faith to make our county a good place to work, live and raise a family. As the County Executive so aptly displayed this morning, she and the current Legislative leadership are not willing to work with us on any issue. This is disappointing and our community deserves better.

 “Finally, it is quite ironic that the County Executive is claiming ‘roads and bridges should be off-limits when it comes to leveraging power.’ After all, it was Legislature Republicans—then in the Minority—who at one time decided to block an entire year’s worth of road and bridge projects because they wanted an increase in their office budget. Apparently the County Executive only thinks it is wrong when Democrats are in the Minority and decide to scrutinize what is clearly unneeded borrowing.”