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Democrats & Town Residents Call for County Ban on Fracking & Acceptance or Treatment of Fracking Waste

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Rochester, New York – June 19, 2013.  Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature joined with local environmental activists today to call on the County to pass legislation banning fracking and the acceptance or treatment of any wastewater or solid materials from fracking activity. Democrats are encouraged that there is bipartisan support for a fracking ban in the County Legislature.

Last October, Legislator Justin Wilcox (D-Brighton) introduced legislation to ban the treatment of fracking wastewater in Monroe County water treatment facilities. That legislation has been dormant since October because it was tabled by the Majority. But last Tuesday, Legislator Dr. Joe Carbone (R-Irondequoit) introduced a resolution supporting a State-wide moratorium on fracking.

“We’re proud to be joined by so many dedicated residents of this County today,” Wilcox said. “We are encouraged by the recent actions of Dr. Carbone and we hope he and others in his caucus are willing to join us in enacting a similar ban here in Monroe County. In order to adequately defend our critical natural resources, safeguard our water supply and protect our residents, the ban must also prohibit the acceptance or treatment of any wastewater or solid waste that results from fracking.” 

“Each of the Towns represented here today have enacted a local ban or moratoria on fracking,” Democratic Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) said. “And with the exception of Brighton, all those Towns are represented by a Republican County Legislator. There is great momentum right now to ban fracking and we hope that our colleagues on the other side will listen to their constituents and join us in crafting a ban on fracking and related activities in Monroe County so we can protect our environment for the next generation.”

“Every day we learn more and more about the incredible dangers of fracking,” Anna Sears, Brighton resident and Co-Founder of R-CAUSE said. “We applaud the communities and elected officials who have stood up for their constituents by enacting bans and moratoria.  However, the time has come to ensure all Monroe County residents enjoy the same protection from the harmful effects of fracking.  Monroe County needs to enact this ban before it’s too late. Erring on the side of caution is the safest course of action to protect our water, soil and air for generations to come.”