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Democrats: Public Deserves to Know Whole Story Behind Golf Contract Termination

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Rochester, New York — January 13, 2014.  The County Executive announced last Friday that the County is ending a contract to manage and operate publicly owned golf courses three years early. The contract has been the subject of controversy and questions of impropriety for many years. Democrats believe there is much more to explain the contract termination than has yet been revealed.

“We first requested an audit of this contract in 2007,” Democratic Legislator Paul Haney (D-Rochester) said. “While we welcome the news that the contracts have finally been terminated, we question whether the public is being told the whole story. We have repeatedly expressed concerns about whether the vendor in this case was abiding by their contractual requirements. Unfortunately, the Brooks administration has not been forthcoming with answers. Therefore, it is extremely suspicious that the contract would be ended early only days after the State Comptroller began an audit of the contract.”

“County taxpayers deserve to have well maintained golf courses, but over the past few years the county administration has failed to provide this service to residents," Legislator Joseph Morelle Jr. (D-Irondequoit) said. “Democrats have asked for information surrounding the golf courses in the past and while we still believe the County Executive owes all of Monroe County answers on what has been happening, we find this move in terminating the current contract and providing the service ourselves to be a good one.  We hope that county residents will be proud of our courses and enjoy or learn to enjoy such a great sport on what should be well kept public facilities." 

As recently as September 26, 2013, Democrats have requested information from the Brooks Administration about the courses. No response has been received to date.