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Democratic County Legislator to Appear on Born to be Breastfed Radio Show

Charlsey BickettComment

Rochester, New York — July 21, 2014.  Monroe County Legislator and Democratic Minority Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) will make a guest appearance on the Internet radio show Born to Be Breastfed on today at 3pm to discuss her current breastfeeding proposal. Andrews’ legislation is a public health initiative that strives to reduce the hurdles women returning to work face after childbirth to facilitate breastfeeding. Given the numerous health and economic benefits to mothers, children and employers this breastfeeding legislation would promote health and wellness throughout the County.

Born to Be Breastfed aims to educate listeners about the benefits of breastfeeding and give parents confidence in caring for their newborn. The host, Marie Biancuzzo, RN, MS, IBCLC, is considered an expert in issues related to childbearing and has nearly three decades of practice in the medical field. Biancuzzo deftly educates listeners on a wide variety of subjects including hospital practices, milk supply, returning to work and milk storage options. Biancuzzo is also the director of Breastfeeding Outlook, a continuing education provider, offering a variety of evidence-based programs, publications and resources, as well as her consulting and speaking services

Andrews hopes that dedicated lactation rooms will provide county employees and members of the public with appropriate, private space to use, saying “We think that having designated rooms and signs indicating the rooms are available would go a long way to inform employees that the rooms are there, increase their usage, as well as allowing the general public to come in and breastfeed or pump. In order to promote breastfeeding in the community these rooms should be readily available to nursing mothers."

“Andrews’ proposes simple but important changes to the current law. I wanted to support her efforts and was happy to give her another platform to discuss her proposal ” explained Biancuzzo.

Under current state law employers are required to make “reasonable efforts” to provide a location where employees can privately express breast milk upon an employee’s request. Andrews’ legislation recommends that most Monroe County buildings establish a suitable room in which lactating mothers can breastfeed or express milk in a private and hygienic environment. The episode will air today, July 21, at 3pm on VoiceAmerica. For further information, please contact the Democratic Staff Office at 753-1940.  To see the schedule of Biancuzzo’s upcoming courses in the Rochester, N.Y. area, check