Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature

Democrats Call on County, Homeless Advocates to Discuss Solutions

Charlsey BickettComment

Rochester, New York — September 16, 2014.  In response to the arrest of several advocates forthe homeless, Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature are calling on the advocates and Brooks Administration to come to the table to discuss how to ensure folks are not left out in the cold this fall and winter.

“We’ve been fighting for the poor in our community for many years,” Assistant Democratic Leader Willie Joe Lightfoot (D-Rochester) said. “All sides need to remember that we’re talking about human beings sleeping in a garage or out in the cold. We need to make sure these folks are protected from the elements as the weather worsens. We urge the administration and the advocates fighting for our homeless population to sit down and discuss possible areas of common ground to develop a solution that works for everybody.”

“It is disappointing to see how this situation has deteriorated to where we are now,” Assistant Democratic Leader Cindy Kaleh (D-Rochester) said. “We’ve long fought for our homeless neighbors, from opposing cuts to the indigent burial program to supporting programs to that keep people off the streets. Cooler heads need to prevail if this situation is going to be resolved appropriately. For that reason, we need both sides to come to the table and work in good faith towards a solution.”