Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature

Legislator Morelle Proposes LDC Abolition Study

Tom MorriseyComment

Legislature Democrats plan to introduce legislation calling for a professional legal review of the county's relationship with various local development corporations (LDCs) to determine if the county can legally abolish them.

"After years of offering financial reforms and increased accountability by the Democratic conference to no avail and an investigation of LDCs by the Attorney General's office, we have seemingly reached a consensus that it is time for local development corporations as they currently exist to go," said Legislator Joe Morelle (D-Irondequoit), the legislation's sponsor. "Unraveling this mess, however, will not be accomplished with a wave of our hands. It is time to bring in professional legal experts to determine if the county is even able to end its contracts with the LDCs to best protect taxpayers."

Local development corporations are, theoretically, independent entities created to handle various projects around Monroe County, including upgrading county phone and computer systems, the rollout of new public safety radio systems, and the operation of the Civic Centre parking garage. Most have no employees and contracted with private companies to perform the work associated with these projects. They currently hold millions of dollars in debt related to these projects, and it is unclear, were LDCs to be abolished, whether that debt would be assumed by Monroe County and if so, how that transfer could be accomplished.

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