Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature

Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Moving Forward

Tom MorriseyComment

Rochester, New York – November 7, 2014.  Legislator Justin Wilcox (D-Brighton, Henrietta) announced today that legislation he authored to protect Monroe County families is moving forward. The legislation would extend sex offender residency restrictions beyond the time spent on parole or probation. Two weeks ago, Democrats sent a letter to the Brooks Administration asking for potential amendments or other questions they may have, with none received to date. The legislation will be voted on during the November 12 meeting of the legislature.

“This legislation has full bipartisan support,” Legislator Wilcox said. “As I’m sure my colleagues would agree, we cannot afford to delay implementation of this measure to protect our children. There have been no concerns raised or amendments received from my Republican colleagues, therefore, the legislation should proceed accordingly. I am optimistic that this bill will pass with the support of the full legislature and I will continue to work with all my colleagues to ensure that happens.”

Currently, sex offenders have no residency restrictions after completing their term of parole or probation. Due to the high rate of recidivism with certain sex offenders, this measure is needed to ensure places like schools and day care facilities are protected from potential predators. The November 12 meeting of the legislature begins at 6pm. The Legislature will vote on whether to set a public hearing for the sex offender bill. If passed, the public hearing and the vote on final passage would take place December 9.