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Legislator Andrews' Update to Cyberbullying Law to Appear Before County's Agenda/Charter Committee

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Rochester, New York - In July of 2012, the Monroe County Legislature voted to enact a local law entitled 'Prohibiting Cyberbullying in Monroe County.' At that time, the sponsors stated that it was modeled after a law passed in Albany County. However, in a July 1, 2014 decision, the Court of Appeals ruled that the Albany County law was overly broad and violated the First Amendment. Legislator Carrie Andrews (D - Rochester) has submitted legislation to address the concerns raised by the court's opinion.

"This law was written with a very worthy goal in mind, protecting our children from cyberbullying and harassment," Legislator Andrews stated. "However, since the law it was modeled after was deemed unconstitutional, so could ours. This amendment reflects the court ruling and is necessary to ensure Monroe County's law can withstand a potential legal challenge."

The legislation more narrowly defines the term cyberbullying and focuses on electronic communications that are sexually explicit; it is narrowly focused to withstand judicial scrutiny and still protect our children from heinous and detrimental acts. Legislator Andrews' legislation will appear before the County Legislature's Agenda/Charter Committee August 19, 2015 at 5:30pm in the Legislative Chambers. If you would like to speak in the public forum, please call 753-1950 to sign up.