Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature

Statement from Monroe County Legislator Mark Muoio on Special Committee to Investigate COMIDA's Relationship with County Executive's Office

Tom MorriseyComment

Legislator Mark S. Muoio (D - Rochester)

Rochester, New York - "This week, new revelations regarding the COMIDA and I-Square debacle have come to light. Unanswered questions about the relationship between COMIDA and county administration officials and often conflicting accounts of the events of the past two weeks continue to be ignored, and therefore it remains imperative that the legislature act on the request to appoint a special investigatory committee."

Legislator Muoio's proposal calls for the creation of a temporary committee to investigate the activities of CaMillA's handling of the I-Square situation, pursuant to Section C 2-6(C)(5) of the Monroe County Charter and Section 209 of New York State County Law.  The committee would have the power to subpoena witnesses, compel testimony under oath, and require the production of documents. The proposed committee structure is bipartisan, featuring three members from each caucus of the Legislature. It would also incorporate input from private citizens, potentially including law enforcement and legal experts and representatives of good government groups, to ensure its work is conducted at a high standard.