Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature

Publicly-accessible breastfeeding rooms

In mid-2014, Minority Leader Carrie Andrews introduced legislation seeking to provide breastfeeding rooms in all Monroe County buildings, for the benefit of nursing mothers, both among County employees and the general public.

Medical consensus is that breastfeeding, whenever possible, is the safest and healthiest choice for both mothers and children.  Breastfeeding mother and breastfed children experience signifcantly lower rates of a number of serious diseases.  For mothers, these include a variety of serious cancers and osteoporosis, while for children these include SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), diabetes, obesity, and low developmental and cognitive scores.

A designated breastfeeding room would simply require access to electrical power, for those mothers who choose to use a pump, a table and chair, and, most importantly, privacy.  Since many county buildings are located in highly trafficked, busy areas, they would be a natural fit as a place of respite for busy moms whose jobs or errands have brought them far from the comforts of home.

You can read the introductory memos and full language of the proposed legislation here.